Agreement consist:

Conditions Insurances Terms and Regulations between the Renter and Yes Rental Car.

Please take good note of all insurances that comes with the rental car.

Liability Insurance (Third Part Insurance) included in all rentals FREE.

Liability Insurance covers up to US$90,000.00 (Ninety Thousand United States Dollars) to third parties in case of an accident.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) optional to obtain on your rental car.

Daily rate for Collision Damage Waiver:

Cars US$15.00 per day deductible $500.00

4X4 and Vans US$25.00 per day deductible $750.00

None of the above insurances covers, one way accidents, unknown accidents, traffic violation.

All accidents / incidents must report to Yes Rental Car, the Local Police or authorized authority and make sure Yes Rental Car gets a copy in case there is a report made if not all insurance becomes nil.

Please be aware the insurances doesn’t cover non authorize persons behind the steering wheel.

Damage tires, gasoline not included in rental rate.

Please pay attention
DO NOT enter the car with a wet skin especially wet skin from the ocean water.

Please be aware that tan lotion and ocean water on the skin leave stain on the seats which is difficult to remove.

Please don’t enter the car with beach sand on the skin or body and over dirty the vehicle.

Please DO NOT park the rental car underneath trees and bushes to avoid Heavy Iguana poop which can damage the paint because of acid.

Any of such violation to the interior of the car will be charged starting at a minimum of

Please be aware of places you are going to drive if you get stuck in heavy white sand, sand dunes or mud holes there will be a towing cost on your account.

No Cars, Vans, and SUVs are allowed to take on the off road, off road only allowed by 4X4 vehicles.

Personal lost items are not covered with the insurances.

Personal injuries are not covered with the insurances.

In case renter violates any Rules and Regulations here above, charges will apply and therefore renter gives Yes Rental Car authorization and power of attorney to use any Credit Card for all the damages and additional charges that may apply before leaving the island.


We DO NOT accept American Express Credit Cards or Debit Card.