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Yess Rental Car a national car rental Aruba

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Dear Customers,

We would like everyone read this before take a decision whenever it comes going on vacation and looking for opinions or posting on Trip Advisor

       First of all Trip Advisor is a website that is based on Lies, Hate, Instigation and misleading 


      On Trip Advisor there are postings and advises to you as a first time viewer / reader that are looking for credibility of a company that you will use for the first          time

      Trip Advisor and their " Vacation Experts" are going to do their best to mislead you, don't go in their trap, be wise

      Here we are talking specific about car rental

      We will produce the truth what the lies are at Trip Advisor


      Trip Advisor has a special board of "Vacation Experts" that are on the forum to instigate do your research and you'll see it for your self

      Screen all those "Vacation Experts" on their postings and you'll come to the conclusion who they really are

      Here we are talking specific again about car rental


      Put the lies and Instigation together you'll find out fast that there is Hate

      Why Hate we don't know we will leave that open for you and formulate that for your self

      Trip Advisor is trying and pushing to victimize yessrentalcar but we will show you the proof of everything that took place on Trip Advisor and f you look good            postings of yessrentalcar where removed because they don't want you to read the truth

      ​Just look at the postings here below that was removed from Trip Advisor to mislead you

This car was rented by Anne. L 

She posted something that we didn't charge her for

We simply picked up the car and saw the fog light hanging on the front bumper

What happen we email her and told her you left the car with a hanging fog light on the front bumper and she got furious, we just told her no worries our guy's at the car wash will fixed it, we did not even charge her any money

If you look at the photo's do you think it's fair that we helping you out and still complaining on the forum

This is something we didn't want to publish but when Trip Advisor are deleting all our postings about the truth we have to show you that Trip Advisor are liars and instigating you through some of the 

​"Vacation Experts" be care full out there

This are the postings from yessrentalcar on all the Lies, Hate and Instigating, find out for your self if yessrentalcar did anyone wrong with this postings

The topic was all about 2 persons that where trying to hurt yessrentalcar

Tomorrow March 5th yessrentalcar will produce the truth about this lies about the real fake story

Thank you for your time to have visit our website

We have promised to come with facts about the Lies what are giving by Trip Advisor without consultation

​Sincerely yours,


​Owner of yessrentalcar

We have another false accusation that you'll find under Reese 980

Here is the story,

Reese 980 arrived in Aruba and cross over the road to meet us as we emailed him where the meeting point is, okay fine we met, Reese 980 first question to me Ricardo do you think everyone and the luggage are going to fit in the car? i replied to him no way, he than ask to me if i don't have something bigger, my answer no you've reserved a midsize car and that is what i have for you but if you'd like to i can look a full size for you with another company and i will let them honor you the same rate, Reese 980 was so happy and he couldn't stop thanking me, for me no problem i try to help because i have a good heart

I ask one of the car rental that was also waiting for his customer if he can take care of Reese 980 with a full size car for the same rate, the person told me yes no problem i will help them

The company was Super Car Rental, Reese 980 was shuttle to the Super Car office offsite property

After i saw the posting on Trip Advisor from Reese 980 i call Super Car right away to know what really happen or went wrong because  yessrentalcar  is also mentioned in the posting

They told me that Reese 980 returned the car with a scrape on the bumper and they charged him $100.00

The company is not yessrentalcar that have charged Reese 980 why mentioned that yessrentalcar rip him off?? just deal the charge with Super Car, i was there when you arrived with your family to help you'll

​Further more Reese 980 post also that he will make sure yessrentalcar business will be ruined, my reply to Reese 980 you are not GOD only GOD can ruined my business, all this only about Lies and Hate

I will apologize ones more on our website about what was said to Andrea. J you know when as a human being are reading this posting and knowing it's not all what happen and the fueling on the topic waiting for the explosion than you are getting frustrated and write unfounded postings and Andrea. J was the one that had to suffer about my posting Sorry once more Andrea. J

Trip Advisor wipe out most of my postings because i was just honest to say what happen, i don't know if Trip Advisor is a website that lean on Lies, Hate and Instigating, if Trip Advisor is honest don't delete my postings let everyone read the other side of the story also, if Trip Advisor are deleting my postings than delete those Lies also, be impartial and let the viewer make there own decisions, i think Trip Advisor has to screen all postings from companies that are getting affected by unhappy customers, just contact the company and ask about the situation and if the company in question doesn't react than you have the right to launch the posting