Liability Insurance is always included in your rental rate. YES RENTAL CAR Insurance policy covers up to US$90.000 (Ninety Thousand United States Dollars) on damages to the other party in case of an accident where you as the driver is at fault.

Full insurance is optional to obtain, however you can always call your Credit Card Company or your personal Insurance Company to find out if you cover on rental cars outside your country (from our experience most do cover) but the final decision is yours.

Prices on the FULL INSURANCE is as follow:

  • Cars: US$25.00 per day
  • Jeeps & Vans: US$30.00 per day

If you buy the full insurance, the deductible is US$750.00

Full Insurance Covers CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), Car theft or Joyriding, Burglary, Vandalism, Ambulance service in case of a car accident to the Hospital and back to the Hotel / Resort.

Full Insurance doesn't cover hitting trees, rocks or objects where no third part is involved.

If there are Immobilizers / Alarms or Steering Locks, please use them.

On all accidents and incidents, It is a must to have an Aruban Police Report to claim. Only drivers that are listed on contract are allowed to the rental car. "IF NOT" the Insurance becomes void or invalid and lessee is responsible for the total amount of all damages or losses and therefore gives Yes Rental Car full authorization and the power of attorney to use any Credit Card for damages and losses to the rental vehicle.

Please "DO NOT" over dirty the rental vehicle from the in or outside, if so, additional cost may apply starting at US$50.00 and up for cleaning. Avoid heavy white sand, sand dunes or deep mud holes, if not, towing cost will apply on renters account

None of the Insurances covers the following situations:

  • If drivers are under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Speeding or driving faster than the speed limit. Speed limit in 80 Kilometers (50 Miles)
  • One way accident, better known as single accident where no third part is involved 

Personal items are not covered by Rental Company Insurance Policy.

Sales Tax, Health Tax, Environment Tax & Handling Fee cost 8% extra

We DO NOT accept American Express or Debit Credit Cards